The Forsham Difference

Over 30 Years of Experience, Crafted Into Every Product

Forsham has been making chicken arks, dovecotes, duck houses and more since 1979. Over three decades, we've learnt what makes both pets and their owners happy. Designed for ease of use and durability, our products have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of happy customers. That’s why when you buy a Forsham product you can be sure you are buying a finely tuned, hand crafted home for your choice of pets. For example - we have been making the classic Boughton Chicken House since 1979. Like a fine wine, it keeps getting better and better.





Using Only the Best Wood...

All our wood comes from places where it snows a lot such as Finland and Russia. The sun doesn't shine much and when you’re walking in the woods you have to watch out for reindeer poo but the cold weather produces wood that is perfect for chicken houses and dovecotes.

There are two basic types of wood that it suitable – White Pine and Red Pine. White pine is light and loosed grained. It is used on cheaper specification chicken houses, sheds and it’s also good for lighting fires. Red Pine is much more substantial, full bodied, far denser, heavier and tighter grained. It is more resistant to rot and used for good quality joinery. Forsham only uses the best Red Pine or to give it its full title - Scandinavian Joinery Grade Redwood.

White Wood vs Red Wood

Pressure Treated and Planned All Round

After carefully sourcing the right kind of wood – we make sure it is properly treated to last a lifetime outside. We use Ground Contact Pressure Treatment which helps prevent your chicken house or dovecote from rotting. All the sections the sections we use are PAR (planned all round) so there are no scruffy faces or splinters. Wood is a natural material and to keep your Forsham looking perfect we recommend you treat it twice a year. A quick coat of wood preservative helps stop the wood drying out and cracking. We have designed and sourced our own animal safe, water based, clear treatment than can be applied to damp timbers and is durable enough to be recommended for marine use.

All our wood is pressure treated.

All our wood is planned all round.

Build to Last Since 1979

Every Forsham product is designed to last a lifetime. We use only thick, strong sections of wood to stand the test of time. We have also developed our own shiplap profiles to ensure water resistance and durability. Each section is carefully inspected for warping, knots and imperfections before being cut and fitted. All this ensures that your Forsham chicken house will remain weatherproof and handsome for years to come.

Not all chicken houses are made this way.

You can rely on a Forsham.

Attention to Detail

We have 36 chickens and over 40 doves at Forsham and they are all kept in our own chicken houses and dovecotes. By using our own products, we have honed and improved the products and this means our attention to detail is second to none. Here is some of the little details that are unique to Forsham:

No plywood panels.
We used strong long-lasting shiplap.

Night shutters which stop your
chicken sleeping in the nestbox

Our Promise To You...

We are proud of what makes us special and are so confident that you will be delighted by the Forsham Difference that we offer a 60 day no quibble, no fuss money back guarantee. So, you aren't absolutely delighted with your Forsham product – we will be give you a full refund!