Allington - 12 Bird Dovecote

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The Allington Dovecote is a wall-mounted version of our classic Lamberhurst Dovecote, housing six pairs of doves in comfort and security. It provides six nestboxes on three levels, all sitting under a classic dovecote-style pitched roof.


Height: 172cm
Width: 127cm
Depth: 63cm

Allington dovecote with feeder stand

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The Allington Dovecote takes it's name from the monastery at Allington Castle, whose monks comissioned the very first Forsham wall-mounted dovecote to house their beloved chocolate-brown doves. Unimpressed with many conventional wall-mounted dovecote designs, Forsham's founder Rob took his Lamberhurst Dovecote and split it down the middle, creating the Allington. To this day, the first Allingtons can be seen sitting high on the ancient ragstone walls of Allington castle.

Easy installation - To help you mount your wall-mounted dovecote, we supply you with a template so that you can mark and drill the holes. You then use expanding wall plugs to secure the dovecote to the wall.

Specially designed nest boxes - The Allington dovecote has 6 nest boxes which is enough for 6 nesting pairs or 12 bird. Each nest box is independent from the other which reduces the risk of birds fighting. The nest boxes are just the right height for the birds to build a nest without being too airy or spacious so that the birds fill them with mess. The nest boxes are also designed to shelter the doves from the wind and rain well. Each nest box has a unique annexed nest area hidden around the corner from the door.

Independent balconies - Doves need their own space so each nest box has its own balcony from which the doves can sit, take off or land. If the balconies are joined together then the birds will walk around on to each others balonies and so have an increased risk of fighting.

Nest box blanking kits - If you are buying the dovecote as an architectural piece or have less doves than nest boxes - you might want to blank off the nest boxes. We can supply blanking kits which are designed to be easy to fit and come painted black so that they are almost invisible to the untrained eye.

Cat, squirrel and rat proof - To ensure your doves are safe from predators the sides of the dovecote overhang the floor. This is critical so that other animals such as cats, squirrels or rats cannot climb into the nests. it is also very aesthetically pleasing as the bottom edge of the walls is cut to echo the finials on the roof.

Feed table with hoppers - You can also purchase our feed tables to suit the dovecote. They are designed to fit around the post just under the dovecote body and so the dovecote itself acts as a shelter. The tables are fitted after the dovecotes are erected so can be brought later if you prefer. The profile of the table matches the cote - hexagonal cote, hexagonal table. The wall cotes also have a 'same profile' table in the form of a bracketed shelf. We include two terracotta hoppers with each table except the Tenterden dovecote which has four hoppers. Should you require, we can also supply a free standing table with additional feed hoppers.

Beautiful Finials - The roof is hand dressed with lead flashing to keep the dovecote dry and the rood is then finally topped off with an elegant handmade finial specially designed to complement the roof's contours. The 1 foot wide facets are then sealed with shaped beading.

The Finish - All of our Dovecotes can be supplied with a traditional white-painted finish, completed to true Forsham standards. In order to provide the most durable finish possible, the completed Dovecote is first given a coat of wood treater before being given a specialist undercoat, sealing the wood against damp and rot. We then apply no less than three coats of microporus paint, ensuring a tough, durable finish that will remain beautiful for years.